Our Collaborative Design Framework enables development of products that our customers want and which are supply engineered for required price and leadtimes.
Our inter-disciplinary design team, works as an extension to our organization to create new products.They study the trends forecasted by Premiere Vision and interpret them to generate a customized look for our customer’s brand.
They visit dierent sourcing bases to ensure that the most innovative developments are sent to the customer’s design team 4 times a year.We work closely with customer’s calendars and visit their offices ahead of each season to make presentations of new developments from our Design and Sample room.
Our Textiles team, Merchandizing team,Technical team is plugged during developments and Salesman sampling to ensure that not only is the look/cost balance optimized but also production-friendliness of all aspects (fabrics/trims/construction) is checked.


The best way to describe our people is to experience working with us. Highly motivated and responsive, we are innovators in every area of work.
Our collaborative culture is nurtured with interdisciplinary teams, transparency and common values. Our continuously learning organization attracts the best talent in the industry.
Within our organization we have the competencies to understand and cater to the needs to the entire textile/apparel supply chain, all the way from yarn to retail. In a rapidly changing supply environment our multiple competencies make us a very valuable supply partner to meet your ever-evolving business needs.


Our network consists of over 15 factories, mainly situated around Delhi and Tirupur. All of these factories are reliable partners of our where in 3 of those we actually have a strategic stake.
Around Delhi our supply network comprises of factories that are flexible and capable of value addition for high fashion. Examples are embroideries, beadwork and innovative prints.
In Tirupur we have developed factories that have vertically integrated knit operations, which are geared towards larger runs in relatively short lead times.
We source fabrics and trims across the globe.

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