Our Collaborative Design Framework enables development of products that our customers want and which are supply engineered for required price and leadtimes.
Ourinter-disciplinary design team, works as an extension to our organization to create new products.
They study the trends forecasted by Premiere Vision and interpret them to generate a customized look for our customer’s brand.
They visit dierent sourcing bases to ensure that the most innovative developments are sent to the customer’s design team 4 times a year. We work closely with customer’s calendars and visit their offices ahead of each season to make presentations of new developments from our Design and Sample room.
Our Textiles team, Merchandizing team,Technical team is plugged during developments and Salesman sampling to ensure that not only is the look/cost balance optimized but also production-friendliness of all aspects (fabrics/trims/construction) is checked.


CSL offers in-house sampling facilities. We have We have 14 sewing m/cs, 2 embdm/cs, 1 m/c each of baby overlock, overlock and french lock as well as ironing tables. Our team consists of pattern masters, beaders and hand embroidered.
We make all protos and a big part of our samples here. Our tailors and beaders are encouraged to come up with ideas of their own other than what the design team creates and they are incentivized on it!
We take care of the requirements of PF and ESI and also support the learning requirements, when they wish to enrol for English language or other career-enhancing courses.


Creatnet has a range of high end customers and it demands a great deal of focus for delivering quality products. The products are complex since they involve innovative new textile, new processes and techniques, complex cut and sew and embroideries, which have been just developed for our customers. Added to the fact that the production quantities are very small which itself necessitates re-engineering the supply chain to cover minimums, using smaller garmenting factories and similarly small processing houses.
For creatnet, each small order is as important as any other huge quantity order. Our factories don’t have highly trained technicians, but definitely they have highly experienced, dedicated and motivated personnel and we work in total collaboration with our suppliers.
Creatnet team has trained and professional people who supplement the requirements necessary for taking out a Quality Product each time, first time.
Then the usual stuff:
Quality has to be inbuilt into the whole process and that is where we have constantly moved our team into.
We do a complete R&D of all production items before it goes into process, Thos involves our fabric department, fit tech and merchants – we make a road map for production and in advance map out points to be taken care of during the whole process.
Following stages are monitored
•Lab dips/ bitlooms/ strike off/ fabric quality( with mutiple options, matching using lighting standards, also use Delta reading)
•Fit sample – We have masters and garment Tech in house- dont pass on whatever comes from factories
•Pre production samples: Is a must before starting production
•Size set – All sizes tested before cutting
•Fabric testing: All fabric tested for basic fabric performance in SGS
•Garment testing – Done for special wash/garments
•All color lots are monitored
•TOP samples – Must be approved by customer before shipping
•Inspection procedures: All styles go through Inline, mid and final inspections as per AQL standards


For CSL , Textile plays an important role in product development and in managing the supply chain.
Product development –
Textile team collaborates with Design team to understand forecast and new trends. Sources and develops the fabric range .
It also works on buyer’s enquiries. Regular visits to Trade fairs and supply base help us to offer new innovative products to the buyer.
Increased Supply chain reliability –
A professional team manages the reliability of sourcing of textile and works closely with supplier to overcome the challenges of supply base. As a process the experienced team thoroughly understands the supply base of any new product starting from fibre to finishing. We find out multiple sources to increase reliability.
We inform buyers about any special challenge about the product and carry out testing by competent laboratories for all necessary parameters required by buyer or as per international norms
Cost, Lead time, and Minimum order Quantity –
To match the buyers requirement, team works starting from yarn to finishing to optimize cost , lead time Smaller MOQ and if necessary offer alternative.
CSL offers wide range of Indian fabric along with imported specialty fabrics like organic cotton knits and woven , Tencel , linen knits , silk linen and wool linen blended. Wool viscose fabrics are being developed and produced successfully.


CSL merchandising is the link between customer relationships and integrating supplier network. We do follow quite a unique distribution of merchandising duties with part of the core merchandising functions shared with the Quality asurance team and Textile Team.
Merchandisers are our front managers and the face of the company for the customers.
They look after the interest of the customers and have to be customer eyes and ears for taking care of the orders and sampling. They are responsible for prompt communication and effective follow-ups.

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